OXOS gold consultants TanzaniaOXOS CONSULTANTS is a commodity and investment consulting firm primarily focused in gold dore, sourcing worldwide with specific focus on Africa on CIF basis.

The company’ core activity is to ensure that buyers receive the volume and type of gold they apply for in the ever-increasing competition for a reliable gold supply.

OXOS ensures that due diligence is done for a successful delivery and product’s safety and security.

OXOS is seeking licensed, credible gold sellers from Tanzania who wish to be connected to reputable partners who have been purchasing African gold for decades.

OXOS represents trusted gold buyers in the United States, India, Europe and the UAE, to whom it offers commercial support, risk management and ad-hoc transaction structures, together with financial and investment expertise.

OXOS has offices located in London, Dubai, Bahrain, Belgium, Vienna and Milan our can fully assist Tanzanian gold sellers in logistics, customs, security and financing.

Interested gold sellers should contact TanzaniaInvest at www.tanzaniainvest.com/contact