Tanzania Extend TIN Verification Deadline: Alert by EY

EY Tanzania

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has further extended the deadline for verifying Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) information for Dar es Salaam taxpayers to January 31st, 2017.

The TRA has introduced a mobile center and increased the number of centers for the verification process.

All TIN holders are required to verify their information at the designated centers applicable to them before the new deadline.

In August 2016, the TRA issued a public notice requiring all TIN holders to verify their records by the initial deadline of October 15th, 2016.

The measure is intended to assist the TRA’s efforts in ensuring its process of installing new and modern technology to make the taxpayers’ record keeping system more effective.

TIN holders in Dar es Salaam are required to physically visit the respective TRA offices for the verification process and new TIN certificates with the same TIN number will be issued.

Key issues

  • Extension of time: The verification of TIN holders’ records was required to be done before October 15th, 2016. However the TRA extended the process to November 30th, 2016. The TRA has issued another notice to the public that now extends the deadline to 31 January 2017.
  • Introduction of a mobile center: The TRA has introduced a mobile (moving) center that will provide service in different areas for efficiency and flexibility.
  • Increase of verification centers: The TRA has increased verification centers for the TIN verification process for taxpayers in certain tax regions.

The current verification centers are as follows:

    • Taxpayers registered with the Ilala tax region: at Mariam Tower (in Shaurimoyo), 14 Rays (in Kariakoo – Gerezani) and Vingunguti DL Plaza.
    • Taxpayers registered with Kinondoni tax region: at Millenium Tower (in Kijitonyama), Kibo Complex (in Tegeta), TRA Mwenge Regional office, Mbezi tax office.
    • Taxpayers registered with Temeke tax region: at the National Stadium, Kigamboni Tax office, Mbagala Tax office.
    • Taxpayers registered with Large Taxpayers Department: at TRA Headquarters (4th Floor).
    • Non-business taxpayers may verify their TIN at any TRA office close to them.
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All TIN holders should verify their records at the above named centers. TIN holders should effectively use the mobile center if at any time they happen to be within their areas of business.

Failure to verify TIN information will lead to the revocation of taxpayer’s TIN certificate as well as removal from the system.

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