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The list of the largest active mines in Tanzania by 2014.

Major Active Mines In Tanzania (2014)

MineMineralOwnership ResourceGradeMonthly Throughput CommissiningLife of Mine
BiharamuloGoldStamigold1.9 Mt.11.3 g/t125,000 ounces20053 years
BulyanhukuGoldAcacia28.2 Mt.14.5 g/t1,095,00 ore processing ounces / 15,100 kg gold

200130 years
BuzwagiGoldAcacia17.9 Mt. 2.3 g/t360,000 ounces20095 years
GeitaGoldAngloGoldAshanti169.8 Mt.3.3 g/t6,000,000 ore processing ounces / 24,000 kg gold
200011 years
MerelaniTanzaniteSky Associates / Stamico105 Mcrt. 120,000 ounces ore processing / 1,600 kg Tanzanite200117 years
New LuikaGoldShanta Gold6.1 g/t50,000 ounces 20125 years
NgakaCoalTanCoal200 Mt. Grade A & B40,000 tonnes coal2011100+ years
North MaraGoldAcacia48.8 Mt.3.3 g/t2,800,000 ore processing ounces / 10,000 kg gold20029 years
WilliamsonDiamondsPetra Diamonds / Tanzania Government 50.9 Mcrt.5.2 cpht7,060,000 ounces ore processing 194013 years

Source: Tanzania Ministry of Energy & Minerals.