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RAHCO-tanzania-Reli-Assets-Holding-CompanyReli Assets Holding Company (RAHCO) was incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania in line with section 5 of the Railway Act No. 4 of 2002. The Company, with a Certificate of incorporation number 60587, was registered on 31st May, 2007.

Section 11 of the Railways Act of 2002, confers powers on RAHCO to develop, manage and maintain rail infrastructure and to provide rail transport services through Joint Venture, Concession and the like. RAHCO, being empowered by section 12 of the Railway Act, 2002 delegated its powers to provide rail transport service to Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL).

RAHCO Roles and Functions
RAHCO roles and functions are:
To develop, promote and manage the rail infrastructure assets;
To secure and provide rail infrastructure;
To manage Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) residual assets and short term liabilities;
To identify and develop new railway projects;
To enter into agreement with other entities in order to secure the provision of rail transport services, whether by means of Concession, Joint Venture, Public-Private Partnerships or other means, and to this end to delegate its own function of providing rail transport services to one or more railway operators.;
To monitor the Concession Agreement;
To upgrade the railway infrastructure beyond the level to be undertaken by the concessionaire; and
To invest in railway assets and infrastructure, among others.

RAHCO Mandates
RAHCO is the legal owner and custodian of railway infrastructure and assets and acts as the landlord to operators to whom railway transportation functions have been designated. The mandates of RAHCO are:
To acquire, develop and manage all railway infrastructure on behalf of the Government;
To take over and manage residual assets of the defunct TRC and short term liabilities;
To delegate its own function of providing rail transport services to one or more railway operators.

Reli Assets Holding Company
P.O. Box 76959,
Tel No: +255 (22) 2127403
Telefax: +255(22) 2127404

Interview with Benhadard Tito MD of RAHCO had the opportunity to interview Engineer Benhadard Tito Managing Director of Reli Assets Holding Company (RAHCO); and he shared with…