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Shikana Group Tanzania

Shikana Group is a team of leading lawyers and investment advisors based in Tanzania and operating in the East African community.

Founded in 2015 by international lawyer Amne Suedi from UCL, Shikana Group is specialized in investments, corporate and business law, accompanying and supporting investors in several jurisdictions in East Africa.

Investment & Advisory Services

Market Entry Services

Shikana Group develops tactical market-entry strategies based on a detailed analysis of the political and commercial landscape. Shikana’s particular focus is on:

Advocacy and Strategic Communication

Shikana Law Group helps its clients in defining their objectives and ensuring that the most important audiences receive the right messages.

Research, Policy & Industry Insight Services and Risk Management

Shikana Group helps clients track and analyze developments, anticipate changes and navigate complex political and commercial issues. Its team conducts industry insight investigations, helping clients to understand the commercial landscape, monitor competitor activity, vet potential partners and access insights that generate competitive advantage.