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Tanzania Internet Users Reach 11 Million in 2014

According to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) recently published Tanzania Telecom Report for 2014, the number of internet users increased by more than 2 million people to 11,358,090, which represents an increase of 21.9% from 2013, with the majority of improvement coming from individual households subscribing to Internet services.

This indicates that Tanzania current internet penetration stands at 25%.

According to TCRA data, out of 11 million Tanzanians using the Internet, 7,716,500 million do so using individual subscription, 3,402,550 million use it at their place of a work and 239,040 million from internet cafes.

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The biggest change from 2013 is in household/individuals using the internet which has increased by 34.9% from 5,718,352 million to 7,716,500 million in 2014.

In the past TCRA attributed such growth to the completion of the National ICT Broadband Backbone project, which decreased cost of using Internet through the use of fibre optic technology, as well as to the spread of smart phones with internet connection.

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