Uralkali (MCX: URKA) is one of the leading global producers of potash fertilizers, an essential component for the development of all living organisms and vital to the agricultural industry as a primary plant nutrient.

The company accounts for a significant share of global potash production and controls its entire supply chain, from potash ore mining to the delivery of potassium chloride to customers.

Uralkali has been awarded a gold medal and diploma at Golden Autumn 2020–the 22nd Russian Agricultural and Industrial Expo–in the “Production of high-grade fodders and fodder supplements” nomination, for its feed additive  FeedKALI, used to compensate for potassium deficiency in animals.

In 2020, it announced its support to the Action Africa: Thriving Farms, Thriving Future initiative founded by Yara (Norway), a major mineral fertilizer producer.

This project, backed by the UN World Food Programme and supported by a number of African industry associations and organizations, intends to provide local agricultural producers with mineral fertilizers and relevant digital solutions and to offer information and agrochemical support to ensure food security amidst the global economic crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a leading potash industry member, Uralkali intends to make a significant contribution towards improving the efficiency of farms in African countries, ensuring that demand for their products is met to the maximum potential and increasing their yield, in addition to strengthening the health and immunity of the local population through better nutrition and guaranteeing access for the most vulnerable population groups in Africa.

Dmitry Osipov, the CEO of Uralkali, commented: “Ensuring food security in Africa is one of the most pressing and urgent issues we are facing in the context of the current economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. We fully support the initiative of our colleagues at Yara and are planning to provide comprehensive support to farmers in Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.”

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