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Tanzania Bourse Shows Continued Improvement

The Tanzania bourse, commonly known as the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), continued to rebound last week, recording trades that totaling 1,356,890 shares of Tshs 1,347.91 million in 573 deals.

These numbers reflect an increase in the total amount of transactions that were conducted the previous week, which was represented by a total of 822,185 shares of Tshs 847.52 million in 562 deals.

According to a report by The Citizen, the majority of last week’s turnover, 99.9 percent, can be accounted for by a combination of the highest performers, the National Microfinance Bank (NMB), Twiga, Simba, the Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC), and Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL).

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Overall the turnover for the NMB counter was Tshs 1,076.46 million through the transaction of 1,196,068 shares in 404 deals last week, accounting for 79.9 percent of the total turnover for the DSE.

In contrast to the increased turnover of the NMB, the market capitalization and the share price of the company decreased last week from Tshs 455 billion and Tshs 930 billion to Tshs 450 billion and Tshs 900 respectively.

Branching away from this trend, last week the Twiga counter traded 70,690 shares worth a total of Tshs 113.1 million in 75 deal, which is a decrease from the 126,383 shares that were transacted in 64 deals for a total of Tshs 202.21 million the previous week.

At the same time, the share price for Twiga has remained at Tshs 1,600 for several weeks while the market capitalization for the company has also stood still at Tshs 287.88 billion.

In 38 deals last week, the Simba counter transacted 27,986 shares worth a total of Tshs 53.21 million, which is a dramatic increase from the 5 deals that were conducted the previous week in which 4,300 shares were transacted for a total of Tshs 8.08 million.

In addition, the share price for Simba increased last week from Tshs 1,880 to Tshs 1,920, as did the market capitalization, which increased from Tshs 119.7 billion to Tshs 122.25 billion.

The TCC counter saw a turnover of Tshs 52.48 million last week based on the trading of 30,643 shares in 22 deals, which represents another dramatic increase from the previous week which saw a turnover of Tshs 3.65 million based on the trading of 2,170 shares in 8 deals.

The market capitalization and share price of the TCC also increased last week from Tshs 168 billion and Tshs 1,680 respectively to Tshs 172 billion and Tshs 1,720 respectively.

Finally, the turnover for the TBL counter also increased last week from Tshs 13.61 million after transacting 7,477 shares in 27 deals to Tshs 51.32 million after transacting 27,893 shares in 21 deals.

In addition, the share price and market capitalization for the TBL increased from Tshs 1,820 and Tshs 536.77 billion respectively to Tshs 1,840 and Tshs 542 billion respectively.

Overall, the share index for the Tanzania bourse increased from 1233.06 to 1234.96 last week from, while the market capitalization was reduced to Tshs4,845.82 billion from Tshs 4,848.38 billion.

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