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Tanzania’s wine production stood at 122,200 liters in 2015, compared to 107,375 liters in 2013, marking an increase of 14%, as indicated in the latest data published in a market study of the Lutheran World Relief.

The country’s weather allows the growing of grapes in Tanzania during two seasons within a year.

The key domestic buyers of Tanzanian wine are KATO, CETAWICO and Tanzania Distillers Limited.

On the supply side, Tanzania has a limited supply of bulk wine from small local producers, such as HOMCO and UWAZAMAM which have an annual installed capacity to produce about 150,000 liters.

In September 2020, Japhet Hasunga, Tanzania’s Minister of Agriculture, said that the government is planning to boost Tanzania’s wine production.

To achieve this, the country is set to increase its grapes production through importing 13 new grape types from South Africa.

The Tanzanian government is now planning to identify land with the potential for the establishment of large grape plantations.

Sources: Lutheran World Relief, Media Sources
Last update: 7th September 2020

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