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Free reports about Tanzania’s key economic sectors. 

TanzaniaInvest.com Free Reports covers the most vibrant sectors of the Tanzanian economy. Each of our exclusive report is the result of extensive onsite research and interviews with top government officials and key business leaders, and present balanced and objective portraits of the most promising business sectors of Tanzania, while highlighting the available investment and business opportunities.

Zanzibar Real Estate Sector

Zanzibar Real Estate Sector

Zanzibar’s real-estate sector is primarily fuelled by the strong tourist inflow. The sector has recently been boosted by…
Tanzania construction sector report

Tanzania Construction Sector Report

The construction industry in Tanzania includes real estate, transport infrastructure, and other civil works, including water supply.
Tanzania transport sector report

Tanzania Transport Sector Report

The Tanzanian transport sector systems consist of surface transport (roads and railways), air transport, and sea and inland…
Tanzania telecoms report

Tanzania Telecoms Sector Report

Telecommunications in Tanzania include fixed and mobile voice services, Internet, television, and radio. The sector contributed 2.1% to…
DSE Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange

Tanzania Capital Markets Report

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) market capitalization reached TZS15.4tn in November 2021 from less than TZS6tn…
Tanzania Tourism Sector Report

Tanzania Tourism Sector Report 2015

The Tanzanian tourism sector plays a significant role in the Tanzanian economy. In 2014 alone tourism generated around…

Tanzania Real Estate Sector Report

The Tanzanian real estate sector has been growing sensibly in the recent years accompanied by a strong and…