Tanzania Tax Identification Number (TIN) Verification

All companies registered in Tanzania must register for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) before starting to do business in Tanzania.

TIN-a unique ten-digit identification number-is issued under section 3A(4) of the Income Tax Act no. 33 of 1973, as amended by the financial laws (miscellaneous amendments) 2000.

Companies are required to submit all necessary documents to the nearest Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) office to be registered for tax purposes and get a Company Tax Identification Number (TIN).

The registration is also available online: https://taxpayerportal.tra.go.tz/#/self-service/taxpayer-identity-number-registration

Obtain a Company Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Tanzania

  1. Submit a request for a tax identification number 
  2. Pay for withholding tax and stamp duty 
  3. Obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN) and tax assessment form

Tanzania TIN Verification process

The verification process is done by the taxpayer physically visiting the respective TRA offices for the purpose of verifying the taxpayer’s fingerprints reflected in TRA’s system and submitting a completed TRA verification form (found in all TRA offices for free and on TRA’s website i.e., (www.tra.go.tz) accompanied with the following information:

  • TIN certificate
  • The Company’s Certificate of Incorporation/Compliance
  • The Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (MEMAT)
  • Title deed or lease agreement of the office premise
  • The Taxpayer’s identification card
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