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Tanzania Business Sector Challenged to Increase in Value and Size

According to Phylisiah Mcheni, the Chief Executive Officer of the IRIS Executive Development Center, the Tanzania business sector has received the challenge of positioning itself to both create value and stimulate growth within the sector.

While making the announcement for the First Annual Tanzanian Human Resource Summit, entitled “Positioning HR to Create Value and Catalyze Growth”, Ms. Mcheni explained that the new and often unpredictable challenges that the Tanzania business sector is currently facing need to be met with a focused approach.

“This will add momentum on enhancing performance, as businesses are facing new and unpredictable challenges each day,” she said.

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Ms. Mcheni went on to say that the country is in a position to put its development strategies on the fast track to success and to meet its Vision 2025 goals if human resources within the country are given adequate support and the opportunity to grow.

In addition, the CEO the IRIS Executive Development Center explained that human resources in general must begin to play a larger and more significant role in businesses within the country and the functions of the human resource department should be increased to those of an actual business partner.

“It is the function of the human resources to respond by undergoing a fundamental transformation,” she said, “It must also work towards creating a context for innovation and inclusion in the face of ambiguity and the unexpected.”

Ms. Mcheni also predicted that the summit, which is currently scheduled to take place on April 8 in Dar es Salaam, will attract many participants including CEOs, HR Directors, HR Managers, HR Specialists, consultants, academicians, line managers, personnel & administration managers and HR Personnel.

Ms. Mcheni went on to explain that these participants would be coming from a number of different sectors including education, finance and development, insurance, manufacturing, public service and telecommunication as well as several NGO’s.

According to Ms. Mcheni, the combination of the types of participants and participating sectors will help to stimulate strategic human resource thought within the country.

Some of the keynote speakers that are expected to attend the summit include: Dr. Issa Faizal- the Director of Human Resource Development for the President’s Office of Public Service Management, Julius Magabe- the CEO of African Life Assurance, Tanzania, Mampai Motsau- the Senior Consultant for the Hay Group, South Africa, Samson Osero – the Executive Director of the Institute of HR Management, Kenya, Professor J. Itika of Mzumbe University and Victoria Tunu Chale- the Director & Managing Consultant of People Dynamics Transformation of HR Function.

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