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New Loan Scheme Without Collateral Available To Tanzania Government Employees

Tanzanian consumer financial services provider Letshego Tanzania Limited, trading as Faidika, has launched a new executive loan scheme to provide up to TZS 30 million in unsecured credit to government employees.

Ms. Marion Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Faidika told in a news conference in Dar Es Salaam that the Executive Loan product is to facilitate the disbursement of loans to government employees of Tanzania from TZS 10 million up to TZS 30 million and repayment between six to sixty months.

Ms. Moore also indicated that the loan is processed within 48 hours without producing any security.

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Letshego Tanzania is 85% owned by Letshego Holdings Botswana Limited is incorporated in Botswana and listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

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