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Revlon and Maybelline Cosmetics Brands To Be Introduced In Tanzania In 2015

According to Swedish entrepreneur Marie Englesson by the end of the second quarter of 2015 she will stock products of Revlon and Maybelline in Tanzania.

The statement was part of a conversation with Howwemadeitinafrica.com, when she explained that more international cosmetics brands are now eyeing Tanzania.

In the article Englesson attributes the entry of more global brands to rising demand for high-quality make-up and beauty products among urban women.

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“Dar es Salaam is still three or maybe five years behind Nairobi, but urban Tanzanian women are trendy and have an eye of fashion. They are a very into cosmetics” Englesson explained.

She noted that global brands were initially hesitant to enter the Tanzania market because of few proper retailers but this is changing with the launch of new shppoing malls in Dar Es Salaam and the entry of Kenyan supermarket chains like Nakumatt, who has opened the first of its three new branches in Tanzania in 2014.

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