NHC-tanzania-national-housing-corporation-companyTanzania’s National Housing Corporation (NHC) is the Government’s company established to undertake an array of business in real estate:

  • Construction of houses for sale.
  • Construction of buildings as part of approved scheme.
  • Provision of facilitating the provision of building materials, components, concrete article and other related articles.
  • Business of building contractors, planners or consultants.
  • Renting out and managing houses or properties built by the corporation and those acquired by the government.
  • Carrying out other activities related to construction of houses or other building built or acquired by the corporation.

NHC Director General, Mr. Nehemiah Mchechu was the former MD & CEO of Commercial Bank of Africa Tanzania Limited who has propelled NHC to be included among the largest real estate developers in East Africa.

“NHC is also one of the largest real estate companies in the Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of property base. It owns nearly 20,000 housing and commercial rental units located in almost all of the major urban areas of Tanzania Mainland” Mchechu explains in an exclusive interview with TanzaniaInvest: https://tanzaniainvest.com/construction/realestate/interview-nehemiah-mchechu-dg-national-housing-corporation-nhc

NHC has a number of modern and innovative real estate project in Dar Es Salaam and throughout tanzania that are completed or under development and that are open for investment: http://www.nhc.co.tz/en/nhcprojects