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TZS 4.394 Trillion Project To Decongest Julius Nyerere Road to Dar Es Salaam Airport

The Minister of Works of Tanzania Dr. John Magufuli recently said to local media that the government is soon to undertake various projects costing TZS 4.394 that will decongest the city of Dar Es Salaam.

The Dar Es Salaam city decongestion programme of the government will upgrade 8 kilometers roads between Julius Nyerere International Airport and Pugu, 25.7 kilometers road between Kimara and Kibaha and 34 kilometers between Pugu – Kifuru – Mbezi Mwisho – Mpiji Magoe – Bunju into six lanes.

According to Dr. Magufuli the projects would be sourced by development partners to ongoing projects – including the construction of the Dar Es Salaam Rapid Transit (Dart) infrastructure – and building flyovers, interchanges and upgrading of several feeder roads.

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Dr. Magufuli mentioned in a recent presentation made to the Parliament that “the aim is to build a flyover at Tazara, an interchange at Ubungo and improve several junctions including at Chang’ombe, Magomeni, Mwenge, Tabata, Kamata, Uhasibu (Kurasini) and Morocco for which TZS 932.7 billion has been approved for his ministry’s development and recurrent expenditure for the 2015/16 financial year.
TZS 890.572 billion is meant for development projects while the remaining amount would cover recurrent expenditure.

The construction of the Tazara Flyover would start this month as told by Dr. Magufuli.

The government is currently finalizing the process of announcing a tender to get a contractor to create three levels at the Ubungo Traffic Lights for vehicles to pass and proceed to their various destinations without stopping. TZS 126.661 billion is assigned for this project.

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The Deputy Minister for Works Tanzania, Mr. Gerson Lwenje said that “the implementation to construct the 100 Kilometers expressway Dar Es Salaam – Mlandizi project has begun”.

The drive to decongest the country’s commercial capital is required to save the five million residents of this city from daily traffic jams due to lack of planning and infrastructure.

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