china tanzaniaChina Tanzania Political Relations

China established diplomatic relations with Tanganyika and Zanzibar during 1961 and 1963, respectively.

When Tanganyika and Zanzibar were united and became Tanzania on April 26th 1964, China extended its diplomatic ties accordingly.

In 1965, China and Tanzania signed the Treaty of Friendship, as well as other agreements on bilateral cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, culture and health.

China Tanzania Economic Relations

Tanzania is China’s largest aid recipient country in Africa. Since 1964 China has provided various kinds of assistance to Tanzania.

The largest Chinese-supported projects In Tanzania include: the Tanzania Zambia Railway (TAZARA), Friendship Textile Mill, Mubarali Rice Farm, Kiwira Coal Mine and Mahonda Sugar Cane Factory.

China Tanzania Trade

China is Tanzania’s third export partner by export volume after India and South Africa.

In 2014, Tanzania’s export to China amounted to USD684m, represented mostly by oilseeds, precious metal ore, copper ore, and refined copper.

China is Tanzania’s second import partner by volume of import after India.

In 2014, Tanzania’s import from China amounted to USD2b. Tanzania imports a variety of products from China, including rubber tires, motorcycles, tractors, and iron structures.

China Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to Tanzania

Chinese FDIs in Africa at the end of 2014 were USD24.5b representing 14% of China’s total FDI in that year according to the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Tanzania accounted for 16.3% of China’s FDI to Africa with USD4b in 2014, an increase of 100% from the total Chinese FDI recorded in the country at the end of 2013, according to the Chinese Embassy to Tanzania.

At the end of 2015 the Tanzanian Government announced that over 100 Chinese investors will set up their businesses in the country, as part of a five-year program backed by the China Africa Development Fund (CADFund).