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Tanzania and China to Develop USD281m Water Project in Mtwara

Mtwara water project

The Government of Tanzania recently announced that it will implement a USD281m water project in Mtwara, Southeastern Tanzania in collaboration with the Chinese Government.

The project, which will be financed through a soft loan from China, is set to start in the 2016–2017 fiscal year.

Upon completion, the project will supply Mtwara with 120m liters of water per day from the Ruvuma river. Currently (2016), the region receives 60m liters per day.

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Mbogo Mfutakamba, Permanent Secretary at Tanzania’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation, said that the expected water supply from the project will be enough to cover Mtwara’s industrial and domestic needs.

Mfutakamba also explained that the technical part of the project, including the feasibility study, is completed and that the construction will start as soon as the financial agreements with China are signed.

Tanzania Water Supply

More than half the population of Tanzania is estimated to have access to an improved water source, with about 79% in urban areas and 60% in rural areas.

In July 2016, India signed a line of credit of USD92m for further improvement of water supply in Zanzibar.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India will consider additional financing of USD500m for other water projects across Tanzania.

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