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European Union Business Group Launched In Tanzania

The European Union Business Group (EUBG) has been recently launched to raise the profile of European Investment in Tanzania and to promote and increase business between Tanzania and the European Union. 

The creation of EUBG follows and online survey designed by members of the European Union Champions Group to collect information about the viability of an European Union Business Group and what areas it should focus on.

Areas of major interest to the EU Business Community in Tanzania resulted to be taxation, immigration and customs.

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As a result EUBG was created, to raise the profile of European Investment in Tanzania, set up a structured platform of dialogue on business environment with Tanzanian authorities to lobby for a better business environment and strengthen the network of European businesses in terms of information and services.

EUBG is managed independently by a board of European entrepreneurs with the full support of the European embassies accredited to Tanzania and is part of a growing global network across Africa that includes South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Benin.

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