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Tanzania Exports Increase by 48% in Q4 2019


The Bank of Tanzania (BOT) Quarterly Economic Bulletin of June 2020 shows that Tanzania’s export increased by 48% to USD 1.7 billion in Q4 2019 from USD 1.1 billion in Q4 2018.

The increase in Tanzania’s export was driven both by traditional (26% of total export) and non-traditional exports (74% of total exports).

Traditional exports include coffee, cotton, sisal, tea, tobacco, raw cashew nuts, and cloves. Non-traditional exports include minerals, manufactured goods, etc.

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Traditional goods export reached USD 450.9 million in Q4 2019 and more than doubled compared to Q4 2018 driven by cashew nuts.

Non-traditional goods export reached USD 1.1 billion in Q4 2019 marking an increase of 29% compared to Q4 2019 driven by gold.

Tanzania Export

Tanzania’s export reached USD 5.07 billion in 2019 compared to USD 3.98 billion in 2018 marking an increase of 27%.

Tanzania’s export consists mostly of food items (41%), followed by others (35%), manufactured goods (14%), ores and metals (7%), and agricultural raw materials (4%).

The country’s top five trading partners are India, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Switzerland, and China.

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