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The Very First CEOs & Champagne Cocktail Held in Tanzania

TanzaniaInvest.com the leading website to invest and do business in Tanzania held on 4th March 2014 at the Southern Sun hotel in Dar es Salaam its very first CEOs & Champagne Cocktail.

The event saw the participation of top executives of several partner companies of TanzaniaInvest that include the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), the National Bank of Commerce (NBC), CITI bank, REX Attorneys and insurance companies of the like of AAR, NIKO and FIRST Assurance, among other.

According to Eric Tirabassi, Chief Editor of TanzaniaInvest in visit to Tanzania “the purpose of this event was simple: to thank our partners in a special way, to make them network at the highest level possible in Tanzania, and most important to have fun together sipping great champagne! I hope that thanks to our concept event new friendship will be made among top Tanzanian CEOs and that these will result in new business ventures.”

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“We chose to serve champagne only, to stress the exclusivity of this gathering, salute our guests for their successes in business and to create a special, unique atmosphere. Within such framework, we chose to serve Moët & Chandon champagne for its superior quality, its very strong brand recognition, its market leadership – similar to the one of our partners – and not least the professionalism of its exclusive local distributor QWAY International with whom we are delighted to partner.” Tirabassi added.

Among the guests was Mizinga Melu, Managing Director of NBC bank. According to her “the event gave me an opportunity to meet with a number of the top CEOs in the country. I discussed so many business opportunities so it was not just a networking event but I also managed to build on the NBC brand and real business opportunities. The champagne was great, the ambience was excellent and the company was just what I needed!”

Joseph Carasso, Managing Director of CITI bank Tanzania commented: “I think it was a great opportunity for CEOs to meet, network and get wholesome business insights. It was a very enjoyable evening indeed.”

Manasseh Kawoloka, Managing Director of NIKO insurance added: “it was a superb set up and the selection of participating CEOs and organization leaders was carefully thought offering a rare opportunity to engage each other as business and organization leaders. It was time well spent.”

Adebowale Adobatele, Head of D&B Credit Bureau in Tanzania was of the opinion that: “Tanzaniainvest has successfully organized what I consider to be a truly smart business event – one which isn’t common in Dar. True to its niche nature, it facilitated face-to-face interaction between leaders of business organizations in Dar many of whom were meeting each other for the very first time.”

According to Davith Kahwa, Executive Director of CreditInfo Tanzania:” I see TanzaniaInvest playing a significant role in development of the economy by developing a platform that will enable business leaders to meet in an informal setting to discuss and share ideas for mutual benefits.”

Maryanne Mugo, CEO of FIRST Assurance Tanzania commented: “It’s a brilliant way to have so many and diverse business executives meeting and discussing business which is good for networking. I think it’s a great idea to promote the drinking of champagne and teaching people how to appreciate and enjoy drinking it. It also helps in clarifying some truths about champagne.”

Nasra Hassan, Managing Partner of FORBIX Attorneys added: “I believe the exclusive ambiance that was captured in the event is symbolic of the nature of business that TanzaniaInvest is trying to facilitate.”

Shehzada Walli, Managing Partner of EXOR Attroenys underlined: “the CEO Champagne is a great event. Short, simple and productive. The aim for us as business owners is to build upon the relationship for the days to come and CEO Champagne allows for that, hence making it one of the unique events, looking forward to the next one”. 

Mahad Nur, MD of Quality Furnitures suggested TanzaniaInvest to repeat the gathering by saying: “The event was extremely successful, and to be honest beyond my expectations. It gave me the opportunity to meet a number of CEOs whom I had not met in the past. I am of the opinion that the CEOs&Champagne Cocktail should continue in the future.”

TanzaniaInvest would like to thank again all the CEOs that made time in their busy schedule to attend this exclusive cocktail, and address a special thanks to the two partners that made this event possible: QWAY International with their selection of superb champagnes and unmatched attention to details and the Southern Sun hotel for their splendid location, the spotless service and the special “champagne” food served.

TanzaniaInvest will be organizing more CEOs & Champagne Cocktails throughout 2014 to thank the partners who could not attend this time and to include the CEOs that will partner with TanzaniaInvest in the future, to make CEOs & Champagne the highest-level gathering for the movers and shakers in Tanzania.

Mizinga Melu MD of NBC bank with Eric Tirabassi of TanzaniaInvest.com
Joseph Carasso MD of CITI bank Tanzania with Adebowale Atobatele Manager of D&B Credit Bureau Tanzania and Eric Tirabassi of TanzaniaInvest.com
Alex Nguluma Managing Partner of REX Attorneys with Kain Mbaya MD of AAR insurance Tanzania and Shehzada Walli Managing Partner of EXOR Attorneys with Eric Tirabassi of TanzaniaInvest.com
Flossie Gomile Chidyaonga, High Commissioner of Malawi to Tanzania
Judith  Kangoma-Kapijimpanga, High Commissioner of Zambia to Tanzania
Nasra Hassan, Managing Partner of Forbix Attorneys
From left Mahad Nur MD of Quality Furnitures Tanzania, Maryanne Mugo CEO of First Assurance Tanzania, Davith Kahwa Executive Director of CreditInfo Tanzania, Atobatele Manager of D&B Credit Bureau Tanzania, Manasseh Kawoloka CEO of Niko Incurance Tanzania and Joseph Sheffu Managing Partner of EY Tanzania

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