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Germany Commits EUR 87 M to Tanzania

Minister Nchemba of Tanzania with Kofler of Germany

Germany committed EUR 87 Million (TZS 210 billion) to support Tanzania‘s health sector, water sector, tourism sector, empowerment of women, protection of biodiversity, corruption prevention, and digitalization.

EUR 28 Million will go to Zanzibar to help connect households to drinking water and sanitation.

Germany has announced the decision in Berlin after the completion of discussions between the Tanzanian delegation led by the Minister of Finance and Planning, Hon. Dr. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba and the German delegation led by the Deputy Minister in charge of economic relations and development of the country, Dr. Barbell Kofler.

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“The Tanzanian government is happy to receive the aid of 87 million Euros, which will help to a large extent to improve people’s lives,” said Dr. Nchemba while signing the agreement documents for the aid.

Dr. Nchemba explained that the aid will be directed to support the biodiversity of Tanzania’s national parks and hunting areas, thus increasing income and sustainable tourism.

The aid also aims to improve the health of the mother and child, strengthen family planning, especially for young people, and the universal health insurance coverage.

The funds will also be directed toward environmental sanitation and the conservation of water sources to enable more people to access clean and safe drinking water in mainland Tanzania and in the islands.

Part of the aid will also be directed to support gender equality, strengthening the rights of women and children by preventing all kinds of acts of violence against them in order to accelerate the development of the country.

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