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Tanzania Annual Inflation Stayed at 3.8% in August 2021


The National Bureau of Statistics of Tanzania (NBS) reveals that the Annual Headline Inflation Rate for August 2021 stayed at 3.8%, the same recorded in July 2021.

The overall index went up from 99.96 recorded in August 2020 to 103.80 in August 2021.

Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Inflation Rate for the month of August 2021 has decreased to 3.6% from 5.1% recorded in July 2021.

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The Annual Inflation Rate for all items withoutFood and Non-Alcoholic Beverages has increased to 4.0% in August 2021 from 3.3% recorded in July 2021.

Table 1: Changes in Tanzania National Consumer Price Indices (NCPI) for August 2021, (2020 = 100)

Source: Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)

Tanzania Monthly Inflation Rate – August 2021

The National Consumer Price Index has decreased from 104.32 recorded in July 2021 to 103.80 in August 2021.

The decrease of the overall index is mainly attributed to a price decrease for some food items.

Food items that contributed to the decrease of the index include wheat grains by 2.2%, sorghum grains by 2.0%, finger millet grains by 9.0%, vegetable by 5.2%, beans by 3.7%, cooking bananas by 1.6%, dried peas by 0.7%, cassava by 1.2%, cassava flour by 1.3%, meat by 9.6% and the decreasing trend of prices for maize and maize flour.

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