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Tanzania Ranks High in African Governance Survey

The Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance has ranked Tanzania number 17 out of Africa’s 52 nations in its 2013 survey.

The indicators ranked in this survey include Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity, and Human Development.

Tanzania received over 5 percentage points higher than the entire African average of 51.6%, and ranked third in East Africa (after Seychelles and Rwanda).

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Tanzania’s biggest improvements have been in Human Development of welfare, education, and health; and it ranked 12th in the continent for Participation and Human Rights. 

East Africa in general has shown an overall 3.6% improvement since 2000, and this upward trajectory shows that doing business and investing in East Africa is safer and easier than previously.

Mo Ibrahim, Chair of the Mo Ibrahim foundation, remarked that these findings reveal, “We are now in the age of Afro-realism- an honest outlook at our continent. It’s about a celebration of its achievements and a pragmatic acknowledgement of the challenges that lie ahead.”


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