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Tanzanian President Kikwete Named Africa’s Most Impactful Leader of 2013

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete received the Africa’s Most Impactful Leader of the Year 2013 Award by the African Leadership Magazine for his good governance and Tanzanian remarkable growth and development during the years of his presidency.

The award ceremony took place in Washington DC, USA, with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr Bernand Membe receiving the award on behalf of the President.

In his speech the Minister thanked the Magazine and stated that Tanzanian economy is getting stronger, macro-economic indicators are now stable, and investors have predictable returns on investments.

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He also mentioned that Tanzanian growth was achieved through Public-Private-Partnerships in areas such as infrastructure, capacity building, environment, education, construction, and agriculture, and that Tanzania promises to further strengthen these relationships.

The African Leadership Magazine recognized the leadership role of the President, and progress made in such areas as education, healthcare, water supply, energy, and infrastructure, during his presidency since 2005.

Among the successful improvement of the country the Magazine noted a steady 7% GDP average growth, new tarmac roads, social and economic empowerment of people, new digital and communication facilities, and international performance.

The Magazine called Tanzania “a shining example on the African continent and beyond, a land of sustainable development and peace after undertaking major social, political, and economic reforms”.

African Leadership Magazine is a UK based pan African publication targeting international investors, business executives, government policy makers and multilateral agencies across the world.

The Africa’s Most Impactful Leader Award is received by leaders highly contributing to economic, social and political development of their countries.

President Kikwete is the third President in the African continent to be honored with the Award.

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