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Tanzanian To Participate To Global Investors Summit In London In October 2014

President Jakaya Kikwete will be representing Tanzania in the African Global Investors Summit, which is to be held in London in October 20th-21th, 2014.

He, along with other African leaders will converge to meet with project developers and global investors interested in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim of the Global African Investment Summit is to bring the Presidents of African countries together in order to discuss specific transactions and bankable projects of public sector with the global investors.

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The representatives of Sub Saharan Africa will look for suitable investments and technology transfer from potential investors.

The presence of Dr. Jakaya Kikwete will be found along with the Presidents of three other African regions i.e. Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda.

The finance ministers, CEOs of state owned enterprises and specific ministers of states will be accompanying the Presidents in the summit.

The Director of this inaugural conference, Paul Sinclair, believes that the summit not only focuses on “real opportunities” for African governments, but also grabs the attention of world’s best investors because of the venue, i.e. the global financial hub, London.

Availing the power of global markets will provide Tanzania and other African countries a proper platform to ensure maximum benefits.

The African governments will get an opportunity to attract global investors in various important economic fields such as natural resources, transport infrastructure, power and agribusiness.

The summit is expected to render financial partners who can bring the most value for the African government in terms of advancements, employment opportunities, expertise and funds.

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