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Tanzania Embassy In Angola To Reopen

In a move to further strengthen business and economic ties between the two countries, during a celebration marking the 39th anniversary of Angolan independence the government of Tanzania announced plans to reopen the Tanzanian embassy in Luanda, Angola.

According to the Tanzanian Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Bernard Membe, the government of Tanzania is eager expand and enhance their relations with Angola to help further develop the economies in both countries.
“We have seen how Angola’s economy has been growing at a reasonably high speed and the people’s wellbeing is improving,” he said, “I take this opportunity to welcome more Angolan investments, especially in the oil sector [and] urge responsible institutions for the promotion of trade and investment from both countries to undertake appropriate measures in an attempt to boost the growth of our economic sectors

Hon. Membe went on to explain that relations between the two countries expand across numerous sectors, including agriculture, trade and investment, peace and security, health and capacity building and praised the Angolan government for working to overcome the economic crisis of 2009 and continuing to expand their economy by nearly 8.1% in 2012.

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