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World Bank Director Highlights Tanzania’s Economic Prospects But Pinpoints Needed Reforms in Tax and Investment Policies

Nathan Belete World Bank Tanzania

In a recent interview with The Citizen newspaper, Nathan Belete, the World Bank Country Director for Tanzania commended the country’s robust economic performance while emphasizing the need for comprehensive reforms to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth.

While praising Tanzania’s stable economy and stronger macroeconomic position than many African peers, Belete expressed concern over the slower pace of poverty reduction relative to economic growth. He underscored the importance of making growth more inclusive for broader benefits.

Belete identified crucial areas needing reform, including tax and investment policies to attract businesses and address climate change issues. Furthermore, the World Bank highlighted risks like increased dependence on public infrastructure investments and a diminishing export role, potentially jeopardizing sustainable growth.

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Belete stressed the necessity of a pro-business ecosystem, advocating for streamlined policies to bolster private sector dynamism.

Emphasizing the need for a transparent, consistent tax regime, Belete also highlighted the importance of a robust social protection program and climate-smart agricultural reforms.

Investments in the tourism sector and leveraging Tanzania’s geographical location for trade were suggested as prosperity and poverty-reduction measures.

Concerning the domestic market, Belete pointed to the potential benefits of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement for Tanzania’s exports and GDP.

All in all, Belete reaffirmed the World Bank’s engagement in Tanzania which remains focused on fostering a conducive environment for inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

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