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Japan Invest in Tanzania Wind Energy

Tanzania wind farm Miombo Hewani Japan Eurus

Japan’s largest wind power developer Eurus Energy recently acquired a share in Winlab Africa, the subsidiary of Australian Windlab that carries out wind power projects in the continent, with an investment of USD 10 million.

Windlab Africa is currently developing 16 wind power projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Malawi, totaling 1,650MW of potential capacity.

In Tanzania, Windlab is developing Miombo Hewani, a farm project with an approved power production capacity of up to 300MW.

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In communicating this strategic investment, Eurus Energy explains that Sub-Saharan Africa has a population exceeding 1 billion, and each country in the region is showing a remarkable GDP growth rate.

On the other hand, electrification in the region is currently standing still at a low rate and from here on a heightened increase in electricity demand is expected to follow economic growth.

Tanzania Wind Energy
The CEO of Windlab, Roger Price, explained that Miombo Hewani enjoys an excellent wind resource; not only amongst the best in Africa but one of the best in the world.

The wind farm will be built in phases; the first phase of the project will be around 100MW and include up to 34 wind turbines as well as electrical infrastructure connecting the wind farm to the national electricity grid at the Makambako substations.

The first phase alone will bring up to USD 300M of investment to the country.

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