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Tanzania Adds 705 MW to National Grid with Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project New Turbines

Tanzania Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project

The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) announced the activation of additional turbines at the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP), contributing a total of 705 megawatts (MW) to the national grid.

In a recent press release, TANESCO confirmed the successful completion of unit number 8 at JNHPP, which adds 470 MW to the grid.

During a visit to the site on June 19, the Vice Chairman of TANESCO’s Board, Zuhura Bundala, praised the project managers for their efforts. Bundala highlighted that the project is now 98.01% complete.

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The acting Executive Director for Distribution, Abubakar Issa, stated that the surplus in electricity generation has ended power rationing in Tanzania. “By the end of this month, we expect to activate turbine number seven, which will add another 235 MW, bringing the total capacity of the station to 705 MW,” Issa explained.

This increase ensures that the Tanzanian current national demand power of 1,707 MW is met, with a total generation capacity of 2,405 MW.

The board members acknowledged the substantial progress made. Dr. Mary Mboma, a board member, noted the project’s impact, stating, “For a long time, Tanzanians have awaited a solution to our electricity needs. This project has made that dream a reality.”

The completion of the JNHPP is expected to support Tanzania’s industrial capabilities by providing reliable energy for production and domestic use. The board’s visit emphasized the project’s significance and the government’s role in its development.

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