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Bagamoyo Graphite Project Reports High-Grade Assay Results

Graphite Tanzania

African-focused mining and development company Marula Mining has recently announced the assay results from the Bagamoyo Graphite Project in Tanzania.

These results are a significant part of the Phase 1 Exploration Program spearheaded by Geofields Tanzania Limited.

The assay results have highlighted the high-grade nature of the graphite mineralization at Bagamoyo.

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The Mihuga Prospect, in particular, recorded up to 19.71% Total Graphite Content (TGC) on a previously identified graphite mineralized envelope.

This envelope extends for approximately 500 meters in strike length and 50 meters in width at the surface.

Furthermore, it’s believed to stretch for two kilometers in strike length and 200 meters in width across six of the granted mining licenses.

Fourteen grab samples were taken from surface exposures and trenches at the Bagamoyo Graphite Project.

Nine samples were from the Mihuga Prospect, with an average grade of 11.97% TGC.

Medium to coarse graphite flakes were identified in four of the samples from the Mihuga Prospect.

The Saadan South Prospect samples had a lower average grade than the Mihuga Prospect, averaging 6.43% TGC.

Geofields confirmed that the sampling program at Bagamoyo adheres to the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Ore Reserves (JORC Code 2012).

Jason Brewer, CEO of Marula Mining, commented on the results, stating, “These assay results confirm the high-grade nature of the graphite deposits, especially highlighted by certain coarse – medium – graphite flakes reported at the Mihuga Prospect. With grades at the Mihuga Prospect as high as 19.71% TGC, we have something that compares well with other graphite exploration and development companies in Africa. We are advancing our subsequent operational phases to develop Bagamoyo, with a key focus on the Mihuga Prospect.”

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In April 2023, Marula Mining entered into a Commercial Agreement with Tanzanian mining company KGIP.

Through this agreement, Marula secured a 73% commercial interest in 22 primary mining licenses that span approximately 180 hectares in the Bagamoyo District, Pwanai Region of Tanzania.

These licenses are strategically located near existing graphite mining and exploration activities.

The Bagamoyo Graphite Project, in particular, has shown promise with its high-grade graphite zones, especially in the Mihuga and Saadan South Graphite Prospects.

Large graphite flakes were observed in all high-grade graphite zones, indicating the potential for quality graphite extraction.

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