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Tanzania Mining Uncovers Nickel

A Tanzania mining exploration project near the Lake Victoria gold field has led to the discovery of promising nickel laterite deposits, according to an announcement from the mining corporation, African Eagle Resources, which is a diversified mineral exploration and development company that operates in eastern and in central Africa.

This discovery was made at the company’s Zanzui project in Tanzania, which lies approximately 70km south of Dutwa, an area where African Eagle Resources has also recently uncovered indications of some nickel resources in addition to indications of a significant cobalt by-product.

According to Mark Parker, the Managing Director for African Eagle, “Results from scout drilling to test for a nickel-cobalt laterite blanket over the Zanzui layered intrusive complex […] are highly encouraging and indicate potential for the Company to define an additional nickel resource.”

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He went on to say that, “[Because the African Eagle is] one of the few active and fully-funded explorers in the region with an experienced team on the ground, [it] is well-placed to progress the project rapidly.”

Earlier this month, African Eagle announced that it had received positive results for another 30 drill holes at the Dutwa nickel laterite project.

At the time of this discovery, Mr. Parker spoke optimistically about the prospects of the Dutwa project.

“The latest grades, which are from the peripheries of the deposit, continue to show good mineralization and thickness,” said Mr. Parker, “We are on track to make a first resource estimate at Dutwa, before the end of the year.”

Since then, the company has been expanding its operations to include a mining development project in the Zanzui Complex.

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According to the most recent drill results, parts of the Zanzui Complex also include a nickel-enriched laterite blanket, which is similar both in thickness and in grade to the blankets on the Dutwa Complex that were announced earlier this year.

Since making this discovery, the African Eagle has released a statement in which they state that the recent test results in Zanzui suggest that the area could prove to be another major laterite deposit in the region.

Further exploration into the area remains necessary before the findings can be verified.

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