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Zanzibar Aims to Become Leading Tourism Destination in Indian Ocean

A new marketing program was endorsed last week by Zanzibar’s Ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism and Sports to drive the islands’ tourist economy to the top destination spot in the Indian Ocean.

The program, called ‘Destination Zanzibar’, will be driven by Stone Town Based destination management company, Grassroots Traveler, and will compete with the Maldives and Seychelles Islands, which have long been top Indian Ocean destinations due to heavy investments in the tourism sector.

Preliminary promotional activities are already underway in the Gulf States, which were specifically selected due to their diversified market and status as an untapped region for advertising travel to Zanzibar.

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In addition to its well-established reputation for pristine beaches and exotic ambiance, ‘Destination Zanzibar’ also aims to showcase the island as an environmentally sustainable destination with a variety of cultural events and experiences that will heighten the travel experience.

Tourism is Zanzibar’s leading source of revenue, earning 72% of the islands’ foreign currency and 27% of its annual GDP.

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