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New Bitumen Road in Kagera and Geita Regions To Stimulate Agricultural Output, Tourism, and Trade with EA

Lusahunga to Rusumo Bitumen Road

Tanzania’s Minister of Construction and Transport, Professor Makame Mbarawa has called on the residents of Kagera and Geita regions to take advantage of the upcoming 92 km-long bitumen road connecting Lusahunga to Rusumo to increase agricultural output, business, and tourism activities.

Minister Mbarawa was speaking at the signing ceremony for the construction of the road in Ngara District in the Kigoma Region where he stressed that the Government’s intention is to set up the best economic infrastructure to benefit the Tanzanian citizens.

“This road is an important link in East African countries for the transportation of goods to and from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Uganda, and the port of Dar es Salaam, and transportation of local agricultural products, and tourism in the Burigi and Rubondo reserves are among the opportunities that will be improved by the presence of this road,” emphasized Minister Prof. Mbarawa

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He also emphasized that when the road will be completed, it will reduce inconvenience and accidents for users of the road.

The construction of the Lusahunga-Rusumo bitumen road is one of the strategies of the Tanzanian Government to accelerate economic and social development in the country.

The road is being built by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), is expected to cost TZS 153 billion and to be completed in 24 months, Engineer Rogatus Mativila, Chief Executive of the Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) explained.

Details of the Lusahunga-Rusumo Road Upgrade

The rehabilitation and upgrading of the 92 km segment of the Lusahunga–Rusumo road is a subproject under Component 1 (Upgrading Sections of National Roads) of the Tanzania’s Development Corridors Transport Project (DCTP).

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The segment starts at Lusahunga centre through Nyakasanza and ends at Rusumo Border (Tanzania and Rwanda), forming part of the T3 (Central Corridor Highway), which connects the Dar es Salaam port with the land-locked country of Rwanda.

The road passes through several towns including Lusahunga, Kikoma, Nyamalagala, Busili, Ngararambe, Nyamugombe, Nyantama, Chamakaza, Kasulo and Rwakaremela.

The objectives of the project include:
(i) Improving transport in the Kagera region and especially to communities in the Municipal and Biharamulo and Ngara districts.
(ii) Improving traffic congestion within Kagera Town.
(iii) Providing quick access to traffic from the east to the west of Tanzania and the neighbouring Countries.
(iv) Facilitating movements of tourists to and from Northern Africa thus enhancing development.
(v) Faster haulage of consignments destined for destinations inside and outside Tanzania.
(vi) Quickening development of the western countries (Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda).

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