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Potential Tanzania Cement Construction Project Assessed

Experts from Africa Century 4 Development Limited (AC4D) have recently been commissioned by Dangote Industries Limited (DIL) to carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study regarding the potential construction of a new Tanzania cement export terminal to be located at the Mtwara Port.

The latest EIA study is in line with the requirements of the Tanzania Environmental management Act No. 20 of 2004, which was set up in order to help to determine the impact that new projects will have on the existing environmental, social and economic set up of an area.

DIL is currently one of the largest and fastest growing corporations in Nigeria which, for the last three decades, has witnessed steady growth in the market shares for its numerous products ranging from cement and polypropylene bags to sugar, pasta salt, and flour.

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The Dangote Group is owned by a Nigerian millionaire, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, who visited the Mtwara region in 2007 in order to investigate the possibility of constructing a factory that would be capable of producing approximately 200 million tons of cement annually for both local and foreign markets.

Recent reports have concluded that the Portland, Tanga and Mbeya cement plants in the country are not capable of meeting the current local export demand and, therefore, it has become necessary to introduce a new source.

According to earlier reports, the Nigerian conglomerate had expressed serious interest in constructing the facility in Mtwara six months ago, but, in order for construction to begin, the firm would need to be assured of three things: raw materials, reliable power and a reliable transport infrastructure.

Today, Mtwara has a supply of raw materials; is supplied with reliable power from the Artumas Power Station; and, in addition to its port, it also has a water transport infrastructure that is both good and reliable.

In addition to this facility, the same EIA study is looking into the potential for the construction and installation of a new cement packaging plant in the Dar es Salaam Port area that will have the capacity of producing 700 tons per hour with the peak production capacity of 850 tons per hour.

Following a positive assessment from the AC4D, construction of the facility in Mtwara is expected to begin and will likely continue throughout most of this year

Both facilities, in Mtwara and Dar es Salaam, are expected to be completed and fully operational towards the end of 2009.

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