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Tanzania Launch Solar Power Water Project in Chamwino

Tanzania solar water pumps Chamwino

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation of Tanzania has launched its solar-powered water supply project in Chamwino, one of the seven District of the Dodoma Capital Region.

Developed by the Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (DUWASA), the project will benefit over 7,000 households in Makang’wa and other neighboring villages in Chamwino.

The project is part of the financing of USD 4.5 million by the World Bank (WB) to ensure sustainable water supply through improved solar pumping systems in 165 rural Tanzanian villages.

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While launching the project, the Deputy Minister for Water Jumaa Aweso directed his team to conduct a feasibility study to extend the project and end water scarcity in the area.

Tanzania Water

Slightly more than half the population of Tanzania is estimated to have access to an improved water source, with stark differences between urban areas (about 79% in 2010) and rural areas (about 44% in 2010).

Projections indicate that by 2025 Tanzania will experience water stress (defined as average per capita water resources below 1,500 m3) due to population growth and the resulting increase in consumption.

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