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Tanzania Water Coverage To Reach 85% Rural And 95% Urban Population By 2020


The Tanzanian government has recently announced that after the completion on record time of the Kisemeni Water Project in Uru village in the country’s Kilimanjaro region, a goal of 85% and 95% of rural and urban population respectively connected to water services would be easily achieved by 2020.

The announcement was done by Minister of Water and Irrigation, Eng. Gerson Lwenge, whom in a recent visit to Uru village congratulated the Moshi Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (MUWSA) for completing the water project in merely 80 days, which will serve more than 30,000 people out of the more than 156,000 living in the district.

The government is fulfilling its promises of bringing drinkable water to most of the Tanzanians spread throughout the country and it is also committed with serving the population by ensuring them that a 100% coverage wıll be achieved by 2025, Minister Lwenge added.

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The population must also collaborate with the government by taking care of the installations as water tanks and sewerage connections as well as paying punctually the services’ bills, since the infrastructures have operational costs that must be covered to ensure that they will work properly for the population, Minister Lwenge stressed.

According to MUWSA, Kisemeni becomes the sixth water tank in Moshi district after Kiusa, Kilimanjaro, CCP, Petershoff, and Mawenzi-Borehole that are currently serving three other villages in the region summing up a total capacity of 8,530 cubic metres of water.

The infrastructure has helped MUWSA to reach a population coverage of 97% and cover a total area of 83.3 square kilometres, which represent a service area coverage of 98% that is far above the current coverage estimates of 58.7% in rural areas, 53% in small towns, 84% in urban areas, and 68% in Dar es Salaam according to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MoWI).

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