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Tanzania’s TIC Named Best Investment Promotion Agency in Africa

TIC Tanzania Best Investment Agency Africa 2024

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) has been honored for its exceptional efforts in promoting investment across Africa, receiving recognition as the best investment promotion in Africa at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Abu Dhabi on May 8th, 2024.

Dr. Tausi Kida, Permanent Secretary in the President’s Office responsible for Planning and Investment, accepted the prestigious award on behalf of TIC.

Speaking to the press after receiving the statement, she highlighted the significance of the acknowledgment, noting its timely arrival and its value to the nation as a testament to the government’s endeavors in enhancing the business climate.

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She emphasized the award’s role in bolstering investor confidence and reaffirmed the government’s commitment, particularly the President’s Office overseeing Planning and Investment, to sustain efforts in attracting investments aimed at fostering employment opportunities and driving economic advancement.

For his part, TIC’s executive director, Gilead Teri, expressed that this acknowledgment underlines Tanzania’s emergence as a prominent investment destination within East Africa.

He highlighted key initiatives such as sector-specific incentives and enhanced stakeholder engagement, contributing to Tanzania’s status as a competitive global investment destination.

He added that the endeavors of TIC are in harmony with the nation’s overarching economic objectives, aiming to elevate its status to a middle-income nation and secure enduring economic progress.

The recognition signifies Tanzania’s emergence as a leading investment hub in East Africa, aligning with broader economic goals to achieve middle-income status and sustainable growth.

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