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TIC Sign MoU with TanzaniaInvest.com for FDI Promotion and Become Official Partners

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) signed on July 18th, 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with www.TanzaniaInvest.com to cooperate in promoting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into Tanzania.

According to the MoU, TanzaniaInvest.com will forward to TIC all the queries it receives from prospective investors.

TIC will consequently provide these investors with all the information and clarification required and will inform them of the process to follow to invest.

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TIC and TanzaniaInvest.com will also share information and studies and will make them available on their respective websites, to increase their reach.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Clifford Tandari, Ag. Chief Executive of TIC, and Ms. Virginia Cortavitarte, Associate Editor at TanzaniaInvest.com, at TIC´s premises in Dar Es Salaam.

During the signing of the agreement, Mr. Tandari explained: “We aim to cooperate very closely with TanzaniaInvest.com, as it promotes across the globe, the opportunities that Tanzania has so that we can attain the industrialization goals and objectives that have been clearly stated in our blueprints.”

Ms. Cortavitarte commented: “We are delighted to become an official partner of TIC. For many years, prospective investors interested in Tanzania have contacted us via our website. We are confident that with this new strategic partnership, the information flow will be streamlined, for the benefit of the investors and Tanzania.”

Mr. Eric Tirabassi, Managing Editor of TanzaniaInvest.com, added: “We share with TIC the same mission of promoting investments in Tanzania, a country endowed with such a great abundance, combined with a unique politically stable framework. Hence, it is only natural for us to work hand in hand with TIC and its renewed leadership under Mr. Tandari.”

Clifford Tandari Chief Executive of TIC and Virginia Cortavitarte Associate Editor at TanzaniaInvest.com
Clifford Tandari Chief Executive of TIC and Virginia Cortavitarte Associate Editor at TanzaniaInvest.com

About TanzaniaInvest and TIC

TanzaniaInvest.com is an independent news website that focuses on issues related to business, investments, and the economy of Tanzania.

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Founded in 2004, the website enjoys superior ranking in Google for searches related to the key economic sectors of Tanzania, thanks to the vast amount of exclusive content it has published over the years.

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) was established in 1997 to be the Primary Agency of the Government to coordinate, encourage, promote and facilitate investment in Tanzania and to advise the Government on investment policy and related matters.

Investments made via TIC enjoy fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and are guaranteed against nationalization and expropriation.

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