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Canada Seeks to Strengthen Tanzania Partnership

Due to Tanzania’s increasing importance in the Oil, Gas and Mining Industries, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper within Canada’s role in the G-8 has called to strengthen ties between Canada and Tanzania and to assist the East African nation toward a greater, more transparent governance.

Harper’s announcement of Canada’s leadership intention was also an acknowledgment that Tanzania will need firm governance to ensure that the people of Tanzania gain maximum benefit from their natural resources through the oil, gas and mining sectors.

“The responsible and transparent management of natural resources is an important driver of sustainable economic growth in developing countries. Through these new partnerships, Canada will work with Peru and Tanzania to strengthen the tools they need to effectively manage their natural resource industries, thus ensuring that their citizens benefit fully from these precious assets.”

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Canada’s partnership with Tanzania mirrors the G-8 initiative to work with African countries to improve the governance and management of extractive industries of the economy and the Canadian government will partner with the government, private sector and civil society on specific issues such as management of royalties, tax and audit coordination and regulatory policies.

Canada has established relations with Tanzania since 1961 and in November 2007 Prime Minister Harper visited Tanzania while Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete visited Canada in October 2012.

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