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German Business Delegation Visit Tanzania

A delegation of German Investors visited Dar es Salaam to explore new trade opportunities which will prepare ground for expanding investments in Tanzania.

Members of the delegation, which is headed by German secretaries Anne Ruth Herkes; Ministry of Economics and Technology and Harald Braun; Federal Foreign Office have been in Tanzania 11-15 March, 2013 to mark the significance of co-operation with East Africa’s emerging market.

The business delegation was received by the Vice-President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr Mohammed Gharib Bilal, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Mr Bernard Membe and the Minister for Trade and Industry Tanzania; Dr Abdallah Kigoda.

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Tanzania’s economy has maintained an impressive growth rate of 6 to 7 per cent over the last 10 years.

With the economic potential of the country, it’s forward-looking economic policy, its mineral wealth and the discovery of natural gas, Tanzania has ingnited business interests from around the globe, notably Asia, Europe and North America.

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