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Germany and Tanzania Agree Grants For Power, Water and Serengeti

Germany has agreed grants worth TZS121.89 billion to help provide greater water and energy access in Tanzania, as well as further support for the Serengeti national park.

The three agreements were signed on behalf of the German Development Cooperation by Kfw Entwicklungsbank, Germany’s leading development bank and Tanzanian Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary Dr Servacius Likwelile, last week in Dar es Salaam.

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The agreement will see Germany allocate TZS43.96 billion to the development of a new transmission line from Geita to Nyakanazi, providing 32,500 rural people with access to electricity in the North West of Tanzania.

A further TZS32.79 billion will be contributed towards the country’s water development programme ensuring improvements in rural water supply and sanitation services.

An additional third agreement will ensure that TZS45.059 billion is invested in the land, natural resources and park infrastructure of the Serengeti.

Speaking about the agreements, Dr Likwelile said that the grants would open up import-export opportunities for exchanging power with regional neighbours and help manage the upkeep of the Serengeti’s natural resources.

He also noted the importance of the water development programme grant for reducing poverty and water borne diseases.

Germany and Tanzania have a long standing history of collaboration particularly in regards to energy, water, biodiversity and health.

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