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Recent Graduates Prepared to Enter Tanzania Business Community

Recent graduates of the Kilimanjaro International Institute for Telecommunications, Electronics and Computers (KIITEC) have been encouraged to stay focused and continue with their education in order to be better equipped to enter the Tanzania business community.

The District Commissioner for Arusha, Raymond Mushi, was the guest of honor at last month’s KIITEC graduation ceremony as a representative of Arusha’s Regional Commissioner, Isidori Shirima.

According to Mr. Mushi, the district administration was aggressively supporting the country’s higher education institutions and was particularly pleased with the results achieved by the KIITEC in helping to prepare its students to enter the Tanzanian work force.

“In today’s tough times, as countries like Tanzania start to feel the negative effects of the global financial downturn, the fields of telecommunication, electronics and computers will play an ever more important role in sustainability and recovery,” he said in a recent report by the Arusha Times.

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The KIITEC is a modern technical institute that offers diploma courses in engineering, computer engineering and networking, industrial automation, medical electronics and consumer electronic services

The institute is dedicated to providing accessible, high quality instruction and technical experience so as to meet the needs of its student population.

The KIITEC, which is based east of Arusha municipality in Moshono, was founded by the Foundation for Technical Education (FTE), a Swiss based non-profit organization, and currently receives its funding from various private donors as well as receiving support from Ingénieurs du Monde, a non-governmental organization that has been approved by the United Nations.

The KIITEC is an international institute that employs both national and international teachers and made up of national and international teachers and regularly updates its training facilities in order to maintain up-to-date on the most modern technological advances and to make the transfer of such technology possible in return.

At this time, the institute has already established collaborations with other schools throughout the world including Sowela in the USA, the Lycée du Grésivaudan in France, as well as several other institutes in Switzerland.

The institute’s ultimate vision is to become the leading education center for telecommunications, electronics, and computer engineering within Tanzania and, eventually, within the entire East African Region.

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