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Tanzania Ratifies East African Common Market

Tanzania Ratifies East African Common Market

The much debated East Africa Common Market protocol was ratified yesterday by the Parliament of Tanzania.

While some members of parliament fully endorsed the protocol and called for its immediate ratification, others were requesting more time for the country to prepare.

The debate was led by the East Africa Cooperation Minister Dr Diodorus Kamala, and in his presentation he reassured MPs that the East Africa Common Market was expected to boost Tanzania’s exports in the region.

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According to him “Tanzania is leading among East African countries in terms of exports to the region and things are going to change for better with the common market in place.”

The protocol is part of a wider road map established by the East African Community (EAC), the regional intergovernmental organisation of the Republics of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Burundi with its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

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