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Tanzania To Tight Quality Controls On Imports To Reduce Sub-Standard Products


The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), a public institution in charge of undertaking measures for quality controls on imports and promoting standardization in industry and commerce, has recently started a campaign to dismiss all sub-standard products that are outstanding in the local market.

The announcement was done by TBS Director General Joseph Masikitiko, whom explained that the government is closely working with local authorities to seize all products that don’t meet the country’s standards.

Used rubber tires are among the main sub-standard products imported by Tanzania and it is proved that they are one of the main factors of motor accidents in the country, reason why the TBS will specially focus on foreign shipments to analyse them before they enter the market, Mr. Masikitiko added.

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According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tanzania has become one of the main importers of used rubber tires in Africa ranking in the 11th position totaling USD 4.69 million in 2013 up from USD 0.91 million in 2008.

In addition, petroleum products will be also strongly surveilled since in December, 2015, the TBS rejected 38,000 metric tonnes of gasoline sub-standard product, reason why the shipment was sent back to United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Dar es Salaam port due to unacceptable elements found in the analysis, stressed Mr. Masikitiko.

Petroleum Products constitute the main group of imports to Tanzania accounting for 36.15% of the country’s total imports and 93.4% of mineral imports in 2013 according to the MIT.

Companies importing petroleum products that don’t meet the country’s standards will be fined with TZS 50 million -USD 22,727- or three years of effective jail according to the TBS.

The TBS has introduced at the beginning of 2016 the campaign “Get rid of sub-standards products in the local market” which seeks to strengthen quality measures and warn importers of second hand products.

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