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UN to Invest USD1.3b in Tanzania Sustainable Development

United Nations Tanzania Development Assistance Plan Budget 2016 2021

The United Nations (UN) will allocate USD1.3b to Tanzania to support its national development goals.

This was indicated in the recently launched UN Development Assistance Plan 2016–2021 (UNDAP II) for Tanzania.

UNDAP II is in line with the long-term objectives of Tanzania’s 2025 Vision, which aims at turning the country into a semi-industrialized nation.

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For this, UNDAP II focuses on 4 areas: inclusive growth, resilience, health nation and democratic governance, human rights, and gender.

Tanzania UNDAP II Budget Breakdown

UNDAP II has a total projected budget of USD1.3b, of which almost 8% (USD104.7m) will specifically target Zanzibar.

USD678m will be allocated to improving Tanzania’s resilience which includes enhancement of energy access, improvement of natural resources and environment.

USD194m will be allocated to inclusive growth, i.e. increasing the competitiveness of the Tanzanian economy and creating opportunities for productive employment.

USD286m will be spent for improvement of Tanzania’s health services.

The remaining USD140m will be disbursed to various social activities across Tanzania, as well as effective national governance.

UN in Tanzania

In 2007, the Tanzanian Government adopted the UN Delivering as One (DaO) initiative.

DaO involves efficient programs, focusing on areas where the UN can have an impact, reducing duplication of effort, and making more effective use of human and financial resources.

DaO has 5 pillars: One Program, One Leader, One Fund, One Office and One Voice.

The One Program approach involves collaboration between UN agencies and partners, requiring joint work plans, joint budgets and defining common results.

As a result, from 2011–2015, the UN in Tanzania is operating under a single business plan: UNDAP. The plan captures the entire range of activities supported by the UN system in Tanzania

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Moreover, since 2007, donors have invested over USD90m in UN Tanzania’s programs through the One Fund, rather than channeling funds to individual UN agencies.


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