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Portuguese Energy Company to Sponsor Tanzania Solar Power Project at Aga Khan Hospital

EDP Portugal Tanzania solar power Aga Khan Hospital

Portuguese electric utilities company EDP will sponsor eight sustainable and renewable energy projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

Totaling half a million euros, the financing aims to promote access to clean energy in particularly remote and underprivileged areas and to help tackle energy poverty in that region, benefitting more than one million people.

EDP has received 160 applications and selected eight proposals ranging from the installation of solar panels to the creation of innovative irrigation systems.

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All projects are based on sustainable rules and the goal of improving the lives of local communities.

With three projects, Kenya stands out in the list of selected organizations: KarGeno, Dadreg, and Centrum Narovinu. It is followed by Malawi, with two organizations: aQysta and Unicef. Mozambique is represented by VIDA, Nigeria by the Don Bosco Salesians, and Tanzania by the Aga Khan Foundation.

The Aga Khan Foundation proposed the creation of the Mwanza Solar Switch, a 39.6 kWp solar system for the Aga Khan Hospital in Tanzania, and eight solar water heating devices.

The goal is to avoid the frequent power outages, cut on the electricity bill, and replace the diesel consumption of backup generators.

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