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Egypt Eying Tanzania Energy Sector

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Egypt’s Ambassador to Tanzania Yasser el Shawaf noted that his country would like to invest in Tanzania’s energy sector, particularly in electricity generation, to support the country’s industrialization.

The comments were made during a bilateral meeting with the Tanzanian Minister of Energy, Sospeter Muhongo, recently held in Dar es Salaam.

During the meeting, Muhongo presented Tanzania’s investment opportunities in power generation using coal, wind, solar and natural gas.

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He also explained that the Tanzanian Government will evaluate prospective investors on the basis of their capital capacity, expertise, and experience.

The average electricity consumption per capita in Tanzania is 108kWh per year, compared to Sub-Saharan Africa’s average consumption of 550kWh per year.

However, the demand for electricity in Tanzania is estimated to be growing at 10–15% per year, with currently only 24% of the total population having access to electricity.

For this, the Government of Tanzania plans to increase the country’s total installed capacity from the current 1,357.69MW to 4,436MW by 2020 with natural gas accounting for 40% of the generation mix (1,774MW).

The increase in the natural gas power plants installed capacity alone will require an investment of USD1.063b.

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