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5th Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit (TECS): 31st January-1st February 2024 Arusha

Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit 2024

EnergyNet is hosting the 5th Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit (TECS) in Arusha from the 31st of January to the 1st of February 2024.

The summit will bring together key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, fostering proactive and solution-driven dialogues.

Tanzania is rapidly emerging as a critical player in the East African region’s quest to become a regional energy hub.

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Ambitious projects, such as the colossal USD 42 billion LNG export terminal and the 2000MW Julius Nyerere Hydropower plant, demonstrate Tanzania’s determination to bolster its energy sector and inspire confidence among private investors.

These mega-projects will reshape the industry and unlock many opportunities in power trading, strengthening Tanzania’s position as a pivotal regional energy hub.

The country has been making significant strides in interconnection and transmission development, which is crucial to this transformative journey.

Through various cross-border energy projects, Tanzania has strengthened its ties with neighboring countries, facilitating the exchange of electricity and promoting regional energy integration.

With ongoing investments in infrastructure and a commitment to renewable energy sources, Tanzania is well on its way to becoming a pivotal player in fostering sustainable energy cooperation and development across East Africa, solidifying its role in the regional energy landscape.

Bringing together key stakeholders from the Government, regional public utilities, DFIs, IPPs, financiers, and solution providers, the 5th Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit in Arusha presents an invaluable opportunity for a two-day immersion into proactive and solution-oriented discussions.

The summit will explore a broad range of topics, including: successful examples of PPPs in both generation and transmission, the role of DFIs in enhancing credit to accelerate projects, Tanzania’s ambitious plans to become a critical regional player through transmission and interconnection projects, as well as exploring the factors needed for Tanzania to reach its total renewable energy potential.

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Topics under discussion include:

  • Presenting Tanzania’s national and regional energy roadmap
  • Exploring innovative financing solutions to meet Tanzania’s unique procurement needs, including PPPs and concessional blended finance
  • National and cross-border transmission initiatives
  • Understanding the role of DFIs in accelerating energy projects
  • Showcasing examples of successful projects coming to life
  • Exciting investment opportunities in power generation 

Visit the TECS website for additional information and the full agenda of the summit.

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