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Mkombozi Commercial Bank 2015 Results Show 9% Interest Income Growth


Mkombozi Commercial Bank (DSE: MKCB) has recently published is financial results for the quarter ended on 31 December 2015, showing a growth of 9. 1% of its Net Interest Income in 2015 with TZS 10,179 million compared to TZS 9,238 million in 2014.

This is mostly due the improvement in lending portfolio loans, explains Mkombozi CEO Mrs. Edwina Lupembe, increasing from TZS 50.8 billion in Q3 2015 to TZS 63.4 billion in Q4 2015, representing a growth of 24.8%.

Mkombozi bank has also increased the number of branches throughout Tanzania in 2015, reaching six with the latest additions of Moshi in August and Bukoba in December.

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The bank closed 2015 with a net income after tax of TZS 618 million.


Click here to download Mkombozi results for q4 2015: Mkombozi-commercial-bank-mkcb-results-q4-2015

Mkombozi Commercial Bank Plc (MKCB) started as an initiative of the Tanzania Epscicopal Coference to establish a commercial bank with the main objective of serving and supporting the emerging Tanzanian businesses for provision of financial services.

The bank listed at Dar Es Salaaam Stock Exchange (DSE) – Enterprise Growth Market – in Decembre 2014.

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